Keystone Poster & other updates

We’re at the “Mitochondrial Communication” Keystone Symposium (Jan 14-18).  Here’s a PDF of the poster.  It’s essentially the same material as in this JBC paper, but with some new data at the end, on the protective effects of a dimethyl-L-2-hydroxyglutarate ester.

Paul will also be speaking at the Bioenergetics Subgroup of the Biophysical Society, at their annual meeting in New Orleans next month.

The competing reenewal for R01-HL071158 was submitted last fall and will be reviewed in February. The proposal contains some further development of our work on acidosis and metabolic signaling, building on the JBC paper above.

We submitted an invited eview article on mitochondrial potassium channels to Biochemical Journal, which should be out this summer.

Congrat’s to our MSTP student Jimmy Zhang, who got an AHA pre-doc’ fellowship funded!