New Tech, Student & Papers in the pipeline

We have a new lab’ tech – Mary Day – who joined us from SUNY Oswego via the UR clinical labs). Mary will be taking over the management of our mouse colonies, among other things.

We also have a student in the GEBS summer scholar’s program – Irma Ruiz-Concepcion, from Tulane University in New Orleans, who will be looking at respiratory super-complexes in mouse hearts.

Our latest paper on the the role (or not!) of acetylation as a regulator of 2-hydroxyglutarate generation, is now up as a pre-print on BioRxiv.  Also our collaborator Paul Trippier’s paper on novel complex II inhibitors was accepted. We also have a number of other papers in the pipeline this summer, from colaborations with Michael O’Reilly, Xin Li, Gail Johnson, Vadim Ten, and Daniel Acuna. Plus a chapter on mitochondria and nitric oxide in the upcoming 3rd edition of Ignarro’s “NO Bible“, co-authored with Sruti Shiva and Laura Castro.  The Biochem. J. review on mito’ K+ channels should be out any day now.