Principal Investigator
Paul S. Brookes, PhD 1997, Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, England.

Staff Scientist
Yves T. Wang, PhD 2012, Case Western Univ. Cleveland OH

Graduate Students
Charles (Owen) Smith, Biochemistry Graduate Program.

Jimmy Zhang, MSTP Program.

(We accept students for lab’ rotations from the Biochemistry and Pharm/Phys graduate programs.)

Lab Technician/manager
James Miller. Currently pursuing Masters in Microbiology.

Former Members
Sergiy M. Nadtochiy, PhD (formerly Research Assistant Professor). Currently Assistant Professor (tenure track), URMC Department of Neurology.
Marcin Karcz, MD, University of Rochester (Anesthesiology Resident). Currently Clinical fellow, Anesthesiology, Columbia University NYC.
William Urciuoli, BA 2010 Univ. Rochester, MBA 2015. Subsequently to media industry.
Emily Redman, 2008-2012, Biochemistry work study student. Subsequently to medical school, URMC.
Andrew M. Walters, 2011-12, 2nd Year Medical Student, URMC.  Part of the Clinical Translational Science Institute’s Academic Research Track (ART) program.
Andrew P. Wojtovich, PhD 2010. Subsequently post-doc’ at URMC. Currently Assistant Professor (tenure track), URMC Department of Anesthesiology.
David L. Hoffman, PhD 2009. Subsequently post-doc’ at URMC. Currently Scientist at Cayman Chemical, Ann Arbor MI.
Lindsay S. Burwell, PhD 2008. Subsequently post-doc’ at Cornell Univ.
Sarah Young, Lab Tech’ 2006-2007. Medical School, Univ. Chicago.
Andrew J. Tompkins, Lab Tech’ 2003-2006. Medical School, URMC. Residency, Brown Univ.